First Day of School

After a busy summer for our family, we sent our oldest off to kindergarten on Wednesday.  She had been looking forward to it for the past two weeks and every night she would ask me how many more days until school started.  I love that she gets so excited about school and her teachers and her friends.  

Her friend, Alex, from next door was walking with his dad to the bus stop while we were taking pictures, so it was difficult to get a photo where she was looking at me.  So, I took one of the both of them together.

Since it was the first day and she had a lot of stuff to take to school (because I forgot about the Open House, which was when we were supposed to bring her blanket and what not), I went inside with her to  make sure she would adjust alright and to drop her stuff off.  Needless to say, she did just fine.  

While Belle was at school, the boys and I (and Addyson) took it easy.  Minimal cleaning on my part, lots of sleeping on Addy's part, and lots of playing together (nicely, even!) on the boys' part.  Grahm spent about 10 minutes teaching Casey how to play "bouncy balls" (which is ironic because they don't bounce), and Casey actually sat and listened to him the whole time.  

Until he was aware of me taking pictures and pointed me out...

Overall, it was a pretty good day!

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Diane Pearson said...

What???!! Our little Belle is starting school? That's amazing. She looks beautiful and she'll be a fabulous little learner. I'm so proud of you and your wonderful family. Thanks for sharing this milestone with us. :) Diane