pumpkin painting

A few nights ago, while at the grocery store with Belle, we had to get some pumpkins.  There was no way around it since there was a massive pile of them outside the store, as well as inside.  So, being the smart shopper I am, I waited until the end of our trip to get them.  And because of my smart thinking (can you sense my sarcasm here?), I had to move all the little grocery items to make room for four pumpkins.  What a pain that was.

After making it home without crushing anything, the kids (minus Addy) painted their pumpkins after dinner.  Casey had the most fun, I think.  He had an ear to ear grin almost the whole time.  He just loves to color and paint.  It's so cute because he shakes his little arms when he gets so excited.  It's quite amusing every time he does it.

The pumpkins are now sitting on our porch, welcoming anyone that comes by to visit.  They are quite proud of them and will gladly show them off to anyone willing to listen.

*Chris gets the credit for these photos

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