All About Addy

(Since I've taken so many pictures since I last posted ages ago, I thought I would focus on one child at a time so I don't overwhelm myself.  And even then, I'm probably only showing about 5% of the pictures I've taken.)

Addy is definitely loved by her brothers and sister, there is no doubt about that. Isabelle and Grahm are a big help to me and will entertain her when she gets fussy and I can't get to her right away. Casey, while he helps me by throwing the dirty diapers away, kisses her at random times during the day and for no particular reason. He'll just go up to her, kiss her, and then walk away.

She got baptised a couple weeks ago and slept through most of it.  She was absolutely perfect when she was awake too. 

Definitely going through a teething stage, I believe.

Just this past weekend, we moved her from her bassinet into her crib.  When she stretched out in her bassinet, her feet and head would almost touch the sides.  Since moving her into her crib, she sleeps sprawled out now and not all scrunched up like she used to. 

She joined her cousin Mason in celebrating their first Thanksgiving together.  As you can see, they were pretty thrilled about it.

Her tiny toes just barely touch the floor when she's in her jumperoo.  For now, she just kind of chills out in it and chews on the cloth seat.

So that's about it in a nutshell.  Kept it short and sweet.  *grin*

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