Day at the Beach

The kids were invited to a birthday party at the local beach on Friday.  We had never been there before, but will hopefully get the chance to go again a couple more times this year.  It was a lot nicer than I was expecting, and the playground was wonderful!  It was fenced in and it had a nice soft ground (no wood chips!) so I wasn't worried about Casey tripping and getting scratched up.  Addy didn't seem to mind the sand, but the water was not the highlight of the day for her.  She likes to take baths, so I don't know why she didn't like sitting in the water.  Belle loved collecting all the empty shells and burying her feet in sand.  Our sandbox only has about an inch or so of sand left in it, but that's only because the kids keep taking it out and putting it in various spots in the yard and on our deck.  Grahm was right there next to Addy when she cried and tried to comfort her.  He is always looking out for her.  Casey spent equal amounts of time in and out of the water.  At first he was a little scared to go in, but by the end he was getting a little too brave.  They all behaved really well while we were there (except for Casey trying to blow the candles out), and it was almost relaxing with the four of them!

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