Christmas time

*For some reason, the pictures uploaded in the opposite order.  So, it goes Christmas night, Christmas day, Christmas Eve, and December 22.*

 What Christmas wouldn't be complete without a tantrum?

So excited!  

Yeah, Addy just doesn't stay still anymore.  Makes it hard to get a photo of all four of them.

I think she had that face in every picture I took of her opening a present.  :)

Needing a little help opening up her gifts.  She just didn't have any interest in opening them.

 The only full length picture I got of Addy all dressed up.  (And don't worry, an adult was right there.)

 Grahm wearing Daddy's old Broncos sweatshirt.  Belle used to wear it, and Grahm will have to give it up soon for Casey.  I'm hoping it will hold up long enough for Addy to wear it too.

Despite being sick, he sure enjoyed opening presents.

For their Christmas concert, the younger grades all had an individual speaking part and a few songs.  Personally, I enjoy Christmas concerts with all songs, but it was still cute.

Belle was upset that he was shooting and not standing still.

Grahm was not happy being told what to do.

 Deep down, they do love each other.  :)

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