Xia-Xia Pet Party (and a giveaway!) - CLOSED

*image from Xia-Xia Pets website

Thanks to MomSelect, I was able to participate in a Xia-Xia pet party for Belle.  We were sent some Xia-Xia's, some extra shells, candy, and eggs to have an Easter egg hunt/party.  

She had a great time!  For those that don't know, Xia-Xia's are little motorized crabs that have interchangeable shells.  They are actually a lot cuter and more fun than I expected.  They are similar to Zhu-Zhu pets (in fact, they are from the same company), but I love how tiny they are.  I know that Toys R Us is having a buy one get one free sale on them right now until April 7.  I think the only drawback to the toys is that they only have four of them out, but they do have many different shells that you can purchase, and each shell comes with two little friends inside.

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For the giveaway, they have offered to send the winner a basket, which includes either a new Xia-Xia hermit crab character, Helena, the lime green and pink cutie, or Tiwi, the pink and purple wack crab, an additional shell, and some candy.  

*image from Xia-Xia Pets website

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment telling me what your favorite shell from their website.  Personally, mine is the purple sparkly shell (0051).  Good luck!  (Edited to add that the giveaway will end Friday, April 6, at noon.)

*For my participation for an honest review, I was given four crabs and extra shells and candy, all provided by MomSelect.  All Xia-Xia pictures are from the Xia-Xia Pets website.  All words are my own.


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I like Shell 1211

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