Creativity for Kids Review

MomSelect and Creativity for Kids generously gave me supplies to host an in-home party.  It was perfect timing for Isabelle's 7th birthday party, so I was pretty excited when the boxes came.  We were given a bunch of fun items for the party: Fashion Headbands, Fashion Bracelets, Pop Art Necklaces, Artivity Books, Fashion Totes, and Trinket Boxes.  I was also given Deluxe Glitter Art and Pop-up Books as a hostess gift.

Their headbands I cannot rave enough about.  Belle had actually gotten the same set last year when she came home from the hospital and couldn't do anything but lay down.  The ones she made last year are still holding strong and none of the ribbons or little jewels have come off.  She has a lot of headbands, but the ones that she made herself, are the ones that get the most wear.  And really, I don't think a girl can never have enough headbands.

Headbands and bracelets
The bracelets were really cute and came with both the chunky plastic bracelets and the thinner wire kind.  The thinner ones were a little harder to decorate for the girls, but they had a lot of fun with the thicker bracelets.  Both of these kits (headbands and bracelets) came with everything you can imagine to decorate with: ribbons, feathers, jewels, etc., and even the glue.  It is so nice to be able to open the box and know that I don't have to worry about having to dig for the glue or any other item because it's already included!  I have no creative side what-so-ever, so it's nice that Creativity for Kids takes care of everything for me.

There wasn't a thing that the girls didn't enjoy making.  Even the totes, which they got to decorate with stickers, were a hit.  I had planned the party for two hours, but really, I wish I had made it longer.  It was hard to do it all in just two hours.  I felt kind of rushed, although the girls all seemed happy.  I only had to help them occasionally, so they were truly allowed to express their creativity.  I loved how different every girl made their project.  I really wish I had taken pictures of the headbands that the girls decorated.  They were so cute!

Pop Art Necklaces
Coloring the stickers to put in the necklaces
The ONLY complaint I have out of all of the items was that the necklaces didn't stay together very well.  The little hook that connects the pop top to the string/necklace kept coming out of the hole.  Which was really a shame because the girls absolutely loved the necklaces and thought sticking on the clear bauble to make it 'pop' was "awesome" and "cool".

Bag decorating!

Their finished bags with the 'goodies' in them (Artivity book and Trinket Box)

Having fun!

*Disclosure: MomSelect and Creativity for Kids provided the above products in return for an honest review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

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