First Day of School

The kids were very excited to start today.  Belle changed her outfit a couple times this morning, despite the fact that she had picked an outfit out a week ago.  Grahm was super excited, as you can probably tell from the ninja moves.  :)  Casey was pretty excited to be going to school, although it doesn't really look like it.  Belle and Grahm were no problem dropping off, but Casey was a little nervous once we got to his class.  After I dropped him off and turned around to help Grahm put his stuff away, Casey came back out to the hallway and clung to my leg.  After a few more minutes with him in his room, this time waiting for him to feel a little more comfortable (I think all the hullabaloo going on got him a little scared), I was able to leave with him smiling.  No tears from anyone today!  :)

It's been really weird driving around with just Addy in the van.  She doesn't chat back and forth like Casey used to last year when the older two were in school.  It's been super quiet in the house, but Addy and I have been having fun.  

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