Mabel's Labels Review

Well, summer has come to an end and school has begun.  It sure went by quick this year.  The kiddos are enjoying being back in school, though.  And already, in the first week, they have forgotten their lunch box and a sweater.  But I have gotten both of them back!  And I didn't even know one of the kids was missing their sweater until two came back in their backpack on Friday.  (Hey, it's hard trying to keep track of everything that comes home!)  Thankfully, I was given a set of Back to School labels from Mabel's Labels to review, otherwise that sweater would've ended up in the 'lost and found' pile waiting for me to remember it.

Unlike Grahm and Casey in 5K and 4K (where the teacher buys all the supplies and we pay her back), Belle has to buy her own supplies and write her name on everything.  I cannot tell you how nice it was to have labels (and cute ones at that!) to just stick on her supplies and be done.  Last year I had to label her things with a pen, and it was a pain and time consuming.  Having labels definitely cut down on the time.  And also, Belle was able to help me.  She probably could have labeled all her supplies on her own, but then I think she would've gone a little crazy with them.  It was actually fun to put the labels on, just because they are fun to look at.  The Ultimate Back to School combo is $42.  Ouch, I know, but it is actually a really good deal because you get quite a few labels.  You get 40 skinny-minis (these are for supplies, thermos, etc.), 50 tag mates (these are for clothing), 16 shoe labels, and 2 teeny tags.  Even after labeling all her supplies and some clothes and shoes, she still has some labels left over.  I have even put one on her thermos and lunch box.  Really, the sky is the limit!  The only complaint I have with this combo is that it doesn't include a bag tag.  You would really think that including a tag for the backpack would be a given with an "ultimate" school combo.  Yes, I could use one of the teeny tags, but they are too small for such a big object that you don't even notice it.  I tried.

I was also given some really cute Preschool Shoe Labels from Mabel's Labels.  These are $21 for 12 sets of labels.  Yes, they do make shoe labels for older kids, but these ones are made specifically for little ones that don't know their left from right.  I think these are so great!  Really smart, actually.  Put together, the labels form one complete picture, making it easier to see which shoe goes where.  I keep going back and forth wanting to get some for Casey, because goodness, could he ever benefit from these (poor little guy is always putting his shoes on the wrong feet!).  But I keep waiting to see if they will make a preschool combo

Overall, they are a really high quality product.  They aren't flimsy little stickers or anything.  They feel sturdy (if that makes any sense) and adhere quite well.  It's nice that I can throw things in the dishwasher or washing machine, and know that the tag won't start peeling off or fading.  Oh, and I want to mention that if you spend $100 (before taxes, shipping, and discounts), you get a free pack of their new "write-away" labels.  They look really cute, and I think they would be nice for big families so that you can just erase the name and write a different name if they share items.

*I was given the Ultimate Back to School Combo and Preschool Shoe Labels from Mabel's Labels in exchange for an honest review.*

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