Well, the weather has finally been consistently warm the past couple weeks.  It's hard to believe that July is almost here!  We've crammed in a lot of stuff so far this summer, and I only anticipate it getting even busier with the new pool opening in a couple weeks and swimming lessons starting, on top of summer school.  Even though it's hectic and a lot of running around, I do enjoy it.  It gets easier every year, especially now that the kids can buckle/unbuckle themselves (or help the younger two if they need it).

He wanted a picture with his Avengers cup  :)

His usual spot...in front of the computer playing League of Legends or WoW

Hanging out at the cabin

Giving Elly kisses

Posing for pictures!

Loves his new life jacket.  Fits so much better!

Ernie.  (Chris thinks he bears a striking resemblance to Ike from South Park)

Hogging the bed...

Riding the teacups together at the festival

Playing baseball at Mimi and Grampi's house

She loves getting her picture taken  :)

Wearing her Twirly Skort and Reversible Tunic.  

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