Mabel's Labels Review

It's hard to believe that school is right around the corner.  One week to be exact!  While summer was fun, it was a little chaotic at times going from summer school, to home, to swimming lessons, back home, and back again to summer school.  The kids seem ready to get back to their friends, and I am ready for some organization.

Mabel's Labels was kind enough to send me a pack of their new Stylish Scholar back to school labels.  I chose the Faux Bois design.  They have a more grown up design, so even I used them for some of our items around the house, like our iPad charger.  Just being able to put a sticker on, rather than write my children's names on everything, makes the process of labeling everything faster and more enjoyable.

They are $42 (with free shipping); and while I know that seems high, they are an excellent quality of labels.  I am a big supporter of Mabel's Labels (I have been getting them for 3 years now), and they really do hold up extremely well.  The labels on their clothes never come off after being washed countless times, but they peel off easily when I need to change the name to a sibling when the clothes get handed down.  (Although I've gotten smart now and just got labels with our last name only!)  I still have labels leftover from previous years even (I have never gone through a whole pack of them in one year).

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