3 down, 97 to go! :)

I am off to a good start!  I have finished 3 patterns already, all with my old patterns and all with my current fabric stash.  Yay!!  I made myself the Centerfield Raglan shirt by Greenstyle, and I absolutely love it!  I made it one size larger so that it fits more like a t-shirt (it is actually meant to have a fitted look, though).  I had absolutely no problems sewing it up, so I can see myself making more.

Another item I made for myself is the free Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern from Swoon.  Attaching the neck/scarf part was a little confusing, but now that I know how it goes together it makes perfect sense.  My oldest requested one just like it, but in a different color.  She's just not a plain brown kind of girl.  I made it using fleece, so sized up so that it wasn't tight.  I made it so that I have something nice to wear around the house when I'm cold, so that I don't have to wear my red Mickey Mouse robe (that was handed down to me from my mom) during the middle of the day.

I also made the Jolly Roger Raglan by Patterns for Pirates for Casey.  I had cut it out a few months ago, but never sewed it together.  No clue why not. It was an easy sew.  I'm thinking of making him a pair of knit shorts or pants to match so that he can use the set as pj's this spring/summer since the shirt is still a little long on him.  I could easily hem it some more, but I'd rather hold onto it for later.

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