New Year, Old Stash

Well, I am excited for this new year.  I am planning on only sewing from my stash...both my fabric stash and pattern stash.

Sew Your (Pattern) Stash:  The goal is to sew the patterns you already own and have not yet sewn, which for me is quite a few.  I will have no problem making it to the end of the year doing this, I'm sure.  The only exception to this is when I test patterns for designers, but I don't pay for those patterns anyway.  The group has themes for each month, and January is women's patterns.  I have a lot that I have not made for myself because I tend to make clothes for the kids instead.  But, I already have two printed and cut out to start on tonight.  

The 100 Item Sewing Challenge:  The goal with this group is to make 100 items from your current fabric stash without buying any extra.  If fabric is needed (if the pattern calls for 2 yards and you only have 1), then you are allowed to buy the extra.  But I'm really hoping to get by with buying as little fabric as possible this year.  I have quite a bit of fabric, a lot of which is fleece in 3 totes.  I just would like my fabric more manageable and not in different places (drawers, closets, under the bed, stacked up against the wall, etc.).

Here's hoping I can save lots of money this year!  :)

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