Thumbs Up Tee by OUSM - review

I was asked to help test the Thumbs Up Tee by OUSM (Once Upon a Sewing Machine).  It goes from 12 months - 12 years...you've gotta love that huge size range!  And can I just say, I LOVE working with knits!  I find it is so much more forgiving than woven fabric.  Also, there is no need to hem them.  Granted, it looks nicer when you do hem, but when I am in a rush or am just being lazy, it still works.

Now, this shirt is quickly becoming a favorite of my son's.  My other son has requested one even.  I think the thumb hole is their favorite feature, by far.  It's definitely pretty cool!  To go along with the pattern, they made a YouTube video for the thumb hole cuff instructions.  There is a mini tutorial at the beginning if you want to make a cuff for any shirt, not just their pattern.

There is an accent piece on the sleeve, which is good for using up scrap fabric.  However, I ended up using my main fabric for the accent piece because I didn't have enough of it for the longer part of the sleeve.  By doing it that way, it looks more like a layered short sleeve.

I was really quite pleased with the pattern.  It's always nice when a tester pattern works out the first time around, and only needs small tweaks.  Now, this is a more slim fitting/athletic fit shirt.  If you wanted it looser, I would just go up a size in the width.  She has the option to print in layers, which I love!  It saves so much ink and is a lot quicker to cut out since you don't have to keep track of which line to cut.  

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