{Women's} Thumbs Up Tee by OUSM - review

Well, not only did I get to test the boys pattern by the same name, I also got to test the women's pattern.  Yay!!!  :)  I was in the first round testing, so she changed a few things for the final pattern.  She increased the length, so rather than it being a long tunic/mini dress, it is more of a dress length (as well as the normal shirt length option).  She also included the additional option of bands at the bottom and a banded short sleeve option as well, not to mention a turtleneck.

Let me tell you, those thumbholes are a lot easier the second time around when you know what you're doing, but you still need to mark your fabric otherwise it is easy to get confused.   While I love, love, love the thumb holes, I think I might have to make the short sleeve version because it turned out really cute on the testers!

I upcycled a maxi dress, so the fabric already had all that piecing (I did not do that because who has the time to fiddle with that?!).  After I made it all up and was sewing the last stitches, it dawned on me how much it looked like the one I made my son.  Thankfully he's okay being matchy-matchy and thought it was cool.  :)

Now, for being a dress, this was too short for my taste, so I'm glad she lengthened it!  Other than that, the fit was really near perfect.  Oh, and please look away from my imperfect neckline.  I screwed up when I was topstitching, so it puckered and I did not feel like unpicking a whole bunch of stitches.  I still wear it though.  :)  But when I wear it, I wear jeans under it.  I keep meaning to take the hem up a little so it's more of a tunic length, but haven't bothered to do that yet.
This is the way it gets worn now.  :)
Overall, it was a great testing experience, and I appreciate that Rachel didn't want to release it until it was perfect (which I definitely think it is now).  She has spent countless hours working on the pattern and actually listens to the feedback, which is huge in my book.  You can purchase the women's pattern here or go for the bundle of both the women's and kid's pattern.

We give it four thumbs up!  :)

My little photographer had to get in on the photos, too!  


#DisneySide Celebration

I was fortunate to have gotten picked to host a #DisneySide party this year.  Unlike last year where all the participants received the same items, this year they mixed it up a little bit.  Some received a Cars or Princess Sophia theme, others received items related to all of the Disney villains, and then others (like me) received a more generic box of Mickey and Minnie items.  Since we used the items in the box to throw a birthday party for Grahm, it's a good thing we didn't get the Princess Sophia box!  :)  Although the Minnie items we received (snack boxes, etc.) were not used for his party, they will be saved for his little sister's 5th birthday later this summer.  You can never have too much Disney!

The day before, Belle and I made the cupcakes.  We used the Duff Tie Dye cake mix that was provided in our box and it turned out beautifully!  It was fun, but definitely a little more time consuming than just pouring batter into a cupcake tin.  You had to alternate the colors, so it got a little messy.  But with 6 colors in the box, that meant we each got to pick a cup with the leftovers of the raw batter.  :)  The end result was worth all the extra effort, and they tasted really good and were super moist.  (Hey, I had to try one before the party to make sure they were safe to eat!)

I put some of them in the Wilton Mickey cake pan (which was also provided in the box, but I was too intimidated to attempt to frost it so it would look like his face), which served as a good cupcake holder.  :)  They were a big hit with the kids.  The box made over 24, which was a nice surprise.  However, the only thing I disliked was that I had to go online to find the directions to make the cupcakes.  They only have directions for making a cake.  Turns out, the only thing different is the baking time, which was reduced to about 18 minutes.

The girls decorated the basement for the party, and they did a great job.  We were sent everything we needed for a party: tablecloth, plates, napkins, cups, decorations, etc., all Mickey themed, of course!  We also had a big giant Mickey Mouse head for "Pin the smile on Mickey", but I had forgotten to take a picture of it.  The girls even tried out the Disney World Bingo game.  It was a very close game!

You have to watch Disney shows at a Disney party :)

The girls are more than happy to pose for a picture :)

All in all, the kids had a great time.  But who wouldn't when you mix cousins and Disney together?!  You can't help but smile.  :)  Thank you Disney for providing all the things to make a great time even better.

*All items provided to me by BSM Media for review purposes.  All comments are my own.*